The Wedding Countdown

Kate Middleton

With just a few days until the BIG ROYAL WEDDING, I am not even going to attempt to hide my excitement. I spent the weekend watching William & Kate: Let Love Rule (the Lifetime Movie). Then I watched a six-part Lifetime series on the real William & Kate (not much different from the movie, just with footage of the actual prince and princess instead of the actors).

Camilla Luddington as Kate Middleton in "William & Kate"

I have to say that I am completely caught up in all the fan fare. I have my TIVO set for Friday morning and you can bet that I will be planted in front of the tv for the majority of the day. I can’t wait to see Kate’s dress. The predictions have been coming in around the clock (Alexander McQueen, Issa, and most recently it was reported that Kate was designing her own dress). The royal wedding gown is going to inspire MANY replicas, as reported in the NYTimes. You can leave a message for the prince and his future princess on Access Hollywood’s WEDDING GUESTBOOK.

Also, according to reports, Kate will not say “obey” in her vows. They will not kiss on the altar and William will NOT be wearing a wedding band. Also, many of Williams’ exes are on the guest list and are expected to attend. (Don’t know how I’d feel about that.)

So that’s what I gleamed from my royal wedding weekend extravaganza. (This is what happens when you are shut in with a terrible head cold and rain streaming down your windows). I did have a very sunny and picture-perfect Easter Sunday that was spent with my favorite PEEPS!

Kate Middleton’s Jeans



Her Boots Were Made for Walking


Steve Madden’s suede boots are very similar to those worn by Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton’s Just Like Us

She takes out the trash a week before what will be one of the biggest weddings in history.