I follow some pretty kick butt bloggers and what has surprised me most recently is how much they have been inspiring me to be ACTIVE! Because here’s the weird thing. If I read that Janae was up early and on the treadmill and was treating herself with loads of candy after dinner, I’m inspired to hit the treadmill. I read that SkinnyRunner (is it weird that I don’t know her real name and just call her Skinny Runner? I think it’s Sarah…but I’m not sure) ran in the rain but saw some great scenery, I’m inspired to hit the treadmill. I’ll see pictures of Danica running in a race, all smiley and tan and I will be inspired to hit the treadmill. Then I’ll see Bess in an adorable outfit (with my FAVORITE Frye boots, btw) after working out and sweating it out and I’ll be inspired to hit the treadmill. Are you seeing a trend? I find myself not wanting to even read their blogs if I didn’t get in a workout because I will be jealous of all those awesome endorphins they got to experience (and the subsequent treats they give themselves, guilt-free). These girls exemplify healthy, happy living and after a few months of following them, I have gotten myself into such a healthy routine that I can’t imagine┬áliving my life any other way. I can’t believe how much I am enjoying following their personal stories, their physical triumphs and obstacles. Friday was National Wear Red Day in association with The Heart Truth. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) sponsor this national campaign to give women a personal and urgent wake up call about their risk of heart disease. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women and experts say that the best way to prevent tragedy from striking is to BE ACTIVE. These blogs inspire me DAILY to be active. My favorite thing to do, after a long day of work and then a few miles on the treadmill, is to kick back on my couch and read what these bloggers have spent their days doing. My workout routine is really nothing compared to theirs, Janae ran for three hours yesterday training for the Boston Marathon, but I am a beginner. The great thing about these blogs is they don’t make you feel like they are part of a club that you can’t join, they inspire all levels of athletes. I run approximately 3.5 miles daily and it makes me feel amazing. I vary my speed and mileage, but on average, I always hit at least three miles. It has improved my life immensely. I function better. I think more clearly. My spirits are lifted. I feel like I have more control over my life in general. I can sort out my thoughts on the rhythmic treadmill run and I sweat out any ill feelings. As Janae wrote yesterday, “Pain is weakness leaving your body.” I feel stronger and more in control over my life every single day.