Giada De Laurentiis’ Manicure & Nail Color

I am proudly admitting that I am addicted to the Food Network! But mostly I am completely enamored by the way Giada De Laurentiis can make the most complicated dishes appear effortless! And all while maintaining a perfect, bridal-looking manicure. So what is her secret color of choice? I did a little research and actually heard from someone who had met Giada at a book signing and asked her directly. This intrepid reporter discovered that she uses OPI’s Bubble Bath!! It is the perfect color because it doesn’t make your nails appear too white or too peachy-pink, which can often happen when you are selecting among the pale pink color range.

Next step in my research will be to uncover her methods for perfectly flawless skin! And believe me, if I meet her, that will be my first question. Second will be how she stays so skinny with all that pasta??