Celebrity Apprentice


Bret Michaels, Cyndi Lauper, Sharon Osbourne, Rod Blagojevich and The Donald…this season of Celebrity Apprentice is obviously all about the hair!

The season opened with a food task, always a popular (and often messy) option. The cast had to open a diner. The men seemed to have the advantage because Curtis Stone (hot!) is a celebrity chef. But for a minute it seemed like the men shot themselves in the foot by having a menu with nothing under $100. (Truffle Risotto anyone?) But if we have learned anything in the history of The Apprentice, the higher price points often pay off.

The women, on the other hand, had a line out the door and according to Joan Rivers (on a secret mission for The Donald) better and hotter food then the men. Even with Joan on their side, the women lost to the men who ended up practically doubling the women’s profit. Because it’s too early in the show for enemies or built up animosity and no one was thrown under The Apprentice Bus, The Donald had to make the first cut. Carol Leifer was fired because she was, quite honestly, the most boring and probably the most unrecognizable. Although people “in the know” know she was the inspiration for the character of Elaine on Seinfeld. I bet if more people knew this, The Donald wouldn’t have been so quick to say, “You’re FIRED!”


Molly & Jason’s Wedding


I don’t know what took me so long to watch my Tivo’d episode of The Bachelor special, Molly & Jason’s Wedding. I almost avoided watching it because I felt no interest in either of them. I was annoyed with the whole way that season went down. Jason was a jerk. Molly was the mean girl. And Melissa rebounded a little too quickly (what with the Dancing with the Stars, the engagement and then the wedding to an “old” boyfriend…a little suspicious if you ask me). But I digress. So “the wedding” was sitting in my DVR list of shows I have taped but have been too busy to watch. I came very close to deleting it for complete lack of interest, but I am so glad I didn’t. (I’m feeling a little like the Grinch who’s heart starting growing in size).

First of all, it POURED on their wedding and here is where all of my bad feelings towards Molly and Jason vanished because they handled it like two people really in love. Even the torrential downpour could not dampen their spirits (aw!). They laughed through what was quite possibly every bride’s worst nightmare and honestly, Molly handled it so well. Granted, she had Ken Paves backstage to fix her hair and I’m sure Monique Lhuillier had a spare (dry) dress to provide Molly. So yes, it wasn’t entirely like real life, but it came pretty close.

The only other interesting/entertaining aspect of the show was the update on where the current Bachelor couples are and how they are weathering the storm (ba dum bum). Charlie and Sarah are still together after a break up and his entering AA, but she is definitely waiting for a ring, even going so far as to snarkily say to the camera, “I’ll move in when I have a ring.” Jake and Vienna are playing fake house, making out over a pasta dinner that definitely made me a little nauseous. And Jillian and Ed seem to actually be moving forward, even going so far as to begin the wedding preparations. I know there had been all of those US Weekly stories about his cheating ways and how he reportedly told a girlfriend that he thought Jillian was ugly, but come on, what is an ex-girlfriend going to tell a reporter for US Weekly? I honestly think they are going to be the next Bachelor couple to walk down the aisle.  We will all have to wait and see.  In the meantime, preparations are underway for The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky. I was a fan of Ali’s from the first episode of The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love. The only time she sort of got on my nerves was when she cried continuously during her last appearances on the show. First crying because she couldn’t make the decision to stay for Jake or leave for her job (reportedly with Facebook). And then again when she cried about wanting to come back to Jake…a request he promptly rejected.


I’m sorry but this picture of Ali in a hotel room longingly staring at publicity photos of Jake just cracks me up! These are the same pictures used in the ads for The Bachelor. The line between reality and reality tv is blurring, people!

Anyway, those are my thoughts on tonight’s reality tv.

Tomorrow I will weigh in on The Celebrity Apprentice. Anyone else think Sharon Osbourne is going to run away with it this season?