Sophie the Giraffe

I will admit that I bought Sophie the Giraffe not knowing what it even was, I just liked the look of it and I liked that it was made in France. How glamorous for mon petite bebe! Then I started reading on some of my favorite blogs about the benefits and popularity of Sophie the Giraffe as a teething toy. Grayson is just turning 5 months (on Tuesday!) and he has developed a new game, How Many Fingers Can I Stick in My Mouth. He ends up biting his tiny fingers and drooling all over himself. Enter Sophie! Not only does he love chewing on her but he also loves holding her, flipping her around, and staring at her. She is the perfect size for him to grip and I love watching how interested he becomes inspecting every tiny detail. She’s lightweight so when he flings her around and hits himself in the face, it doesn’t hurt. She’s also very easy to wash when she lands on the floor (see above mention of flinging her around). All in all, I’m a fan and so is Grayson.

Fun little factoid, Sophie the Giraffe was created on May 25, 1961. That means Sophie will be turning 53 tomorrow!




Sophie-the-Giraffe-Box mainpic

You can find Sophie the Giraffe at any of these outlets. Target, Nordstrom, Amazon, Toys R Us.