So here are the things that are on my mind right now.

1.) AOL bought the Huffington Post for over $300 million! Arianna Huffington must feel on top of the world right now. I have to admit, I have been a huge fan of the HuffPo for a few years now. I read it daily and am always finding interesting topics, discussions or reviews on that site.

2.) Bristol Palin is writing a memoir. (I actually got this information from The Huffington Post!) People who are going to say, “What does a 20-something girl have to write an entire memoir about?” have obviously not been following Miss Palin’s crazy life. Teenage pregnancy, public break-up, political spotlight mother, personal and public attacks, instant fame and notoriety. This girl has a lot to write about. Of course she is going to receive public scrutiny for throwing her hat in the memoir ring but I, for one, am looking forward to hearing about what this crazy period of her life has been like.

3.) I still have the second half of The Bachelor waiting for me on my DVR and just knowing it’s there, waiting to be consumed (ideally with a diet coke and some Smartfood popcorn) makes me very happy. I will try to resist the temptation to just fast forward to the crazy Michelle segments. My money is on it coming down to Chantal (the one who is divorced) and Emily (the widow).

4.) I watched my first episode of GLEE after the Super Bowl and I can kind of understand the hype. Katie Couric interviewing Sue Sylvester was HI-larious! And the musical performances made me smile! After a long day of cooking for the sole purpose of keeping the boys in my life happily eating their snacks, I was exhausted and completely drained. So GLEE definitely put some pep in my step.

5.) And speaking of pep in my step, last night I randomly stumbled upon Leslie Sansone’s walking workout On Demand. It was late and I was honestly just getting ready for bed but was curious to see what a walking workout would entail. I’m a runner and I feel like the only way I can get a “real” workout is to run. So I was already very skeptical about a walking workout. Well, I’m eating my words because a 30 minute Leslie Sansone workout totally kicked my butt and got my heart rate going like crazy. I was pleasantly surprised. Now I have a nice option for those days when I can’t make it to the gym/treadmill.

Okay, that’s all for now…

Rozlyn Papa


I am watching the 20/20 special on The Bachelor and am feeling completely justified in my obsession with this show. Even celebrities like Ellen Degeneres and Kelly Ripa love The Bachelor. And how could they not? It’s a real life soap opera!

The show has even spawned some highly successful blogs detailing the ins and outs of this addictive reality show. Here’s oneĀ Bachelor Blog that was featured on the 20/20 report.

The expose was great because it not only gives us an update in the “Where are they now” style, but it also takes us on an inside tour into the house where the series is filmed and provides some backstage secrets (like they have to do their own makeup!) and information on scandals.

And it turns out that Rozlyn Papa’s explosive presence on the reunion show may have been a little on the calculated side. Apparently she has beenĀ auditioning for a spot on E!