The Kardashians

So what are your thoughts on the Kardashian family? On one hand I think it’s great to see “reality stars” who don’t look like Heidi Montag. (Who, by the way, recently revealed the startling news that she spends 14 hours a DAY at the gym!)

But then again, the Kardashian’s aren’t exactly “girl next door” types. And really, what are they famous for exactly? Kim got paid $300,000 for her engagement photos in PEOPLE Magazine?! And now Kourtney is on the cover of SHAPE Magazine. In the cover story, Kourtney talks about her running workout. As someone who has only just discovered running over the past year, I am always interested in reading about other runners. (I already have my favorite online runners). I like to read about the routines of runners…especially if it can help me look like THIS!

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