The Land Down Under


I am in the center of the most beautiful city in the world. A world I never thought in my wildest imagination that I would be visiting with Oprah Winfrey. As part of this amazing “Ultimate Australian Adventure” the details I can give at this stage in the game are few and far between but what I will say is that I am officially in love with Australia, Australians and everything in between. The sun is brighter here (they say it is because there is no ozone layer, but that’s a detail I tend not to think about as I stare at their golden, sun-kissed, flawless skin), the sky is bluer and everything is larger than life, especially the personalities. One thing about Australians is that they love to party and they come ready! You can’t walk down the street without encountering a group of ten to twenty friends bustling by, laughing boisterously and slapping each other on the back. They will throw a party for any reason and jump in with both feet. A night has not gone by that a group of revelers hasn’t passed me in the street dressed up in costume. Costumes! In December! From what I’ve heard, and seen, they really enjoy dressing up. They are also the nicest, most congenial people I have ever met. They are genuinely interested in talking to strangers. They are vibrant and enthusiastic and full of life. Their smiles take up their entire face and they have a squeaky clean, fresh scrubbed look at all times. These people just ooze youth and vitality. Maybe it’s all that sunshine? Maybe it’s the missing ozone layer? Whatever it is, it’s working.

I also met some great people while traveling in the land down under…



  1. Envy? Me? Never!!!

    (So so amazing! Love the pic!)

  2. Thanks, Aidan!! I so appreciate you stopping by my little online home! Merry Christmas and have a fantastic time celebrating the New Year!!

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