The Power of Chance


Kris Radish wrote a compelling piece on chance in The Huffington Post this week. The odd chance we have in meeting someone important or significant in our life while stranded at an airport is the stuff of great chick flicks. It’s why we read novels and watch television. We love the idea that life is bigger than us, that our tiny footprint is nothing in the great cosmic scheme of life. It’s why we subscribe to the notion that there is one great love. One great career. One great purpose. And all of our life is merely a path leading us right to this very moment. Trapped in an airport. Broken down on the side of a road. It is calming and reassuring to believe that there is a master plan. That everything does, in fact, happen for a reason. The great love of our life that we meet in the hospital while tending to a sick relative. The best friend who enters our life in a particularly horrible drivers ed course. It is this balance that keeps us moving forward. It is this opportunity for chance that only happens if you keep moving forward.

Happiness is all about faith and perspective. You must have the faith to hold on, knowing you could be one minute away from the miracle. And you have to have the perspective to understand that in the scheme of things, everything does happen for a reason.

I am a curious soul. I am always trying to better understand the world around me as well as my reaction to it. I find that this search for understanding helps me deal with the heavy blows and appreciate the sweetness when it rushes into my life. As I have quoted before about the “unexamined life,” I think it is never more evident than when we read about miracles that occur on a random, inconsequential afternoon. It is the belief that anything is possible that fuels us. That any day can turn on a dime. We must keep a certain degree of faith in our heart that love is everywhere, and fate will lead us straight into its’ path.

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