Tough Day

Today was a tough day. I was very emotional and overwhelmed. I was having one of those break down days when everything – everything – just seems to be going WRONG. I did my usual 3 mile walk with my mom in the morning (we walk every day). Along our walk we met the most interesting man, a landscape architect from Australia. He was fascinating. He’s doing work right around the corner from my parents house and it has been really fun to watch his progress.

Work was work and it didn’t help alleviate the stress I was under. But the sun was shining and that did help lighten my mood. What worked to really kick my bad mood was the 3 mile run I did after work. It turned my bad mood into a distant memory.

So my advice to anyone suffering from a less than stellar mood…GET MOVING! (I think I made this exact statement in yesterday’s post but it certainly bears repeating).

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