Ugh! I hate that I haven’t posted here in so long. Life sometimes gets in the way, but believe me, I am BACK! Here’s what I’m obsessed with right now.

-Demi & Ashton DIVORCING! I’m proud of Demi for setting a good example. I think we are all tired of Hollywood couples (or couples, in general) sweeping things under the carpet. If someone isn’t treating you how you deserved to be treated, stand up for yourself!

-Jason Segal writing and starring in the *new* Muppet Movie! I literally can not wait to see this one. As a child, the Muppets were my favorite movies (and tv shows). I even loved the Muppet Babies cartoon on Saturday mornings.

-Breaking Dawn comes out today! I wish I were going to see it but alas, I don’t want to battle the long lines and the risk of not getting tickets. I will see it soon, hopefully!

-Holiday shopping! Yes, Thanksgiving is next week which means we are well on our way to Christmas! I have already picked out some cute holiday decorations and I’m already making lists and shopping for my family.

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