Valentine’s Day


Well, it is almost Valentine’s Day and what better time to begin attracting that love into your life that you think only exists in movies! I think Valentine’s Day is a great day to appreciate being a girl! It is a day that focuses on love, in all of its’ forms. A day filled with pink and red and hearts and flowers. Could life get any more girlie? Here are some ways to take full advantage of Valentine’s Day, whether or not you are in a relationship.

1) Do something for YOU! Valentine’s Day is a day of love and the person you should love with all of your heart is staring right back at you in the mirror. The best way to center yourself and fully appreciate the life you lead, is to give yourself something back. Do something that makes you happy. Go for a run. Take a hot bath (with candles and bubbles!). Eat a decadent meal (or a meal of just your favorite things…even if that means strictly appetizers or cupcakes with pink frosting).

2.) Do something spontaneous! Remind yourself how exciting and unpredictable life can be. Get in the car and head to a new destination. A new restaurant. A scenic drive. Skiing. Hiking. The city! Be adventurous and get yourself motivated!

3.) Go back to your first love…family! Visit with family members. Go home. Let mom cook you dinner (she probably knows your favorites better than anyone). If you are too far from family, call them. Spend some quality time letting the important people in your life know you love them and are thinking about them on this day of love.

4.) Seek out love. If it means renting every classic romantic comedy and fully immersing yourself in what your ex-boyfriend called “make believe,” do it! Drench yourself in all kinds of sappy, sickeningly sweet movies and books. Actively bring it into your life.

5.) Smile. Nothing brings forth happiness and contentedness more than a sense of joy. The Secret is all about the law of attraction. Who are we to doubt something that is rooted in positive affirmations? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if more people smiled and went with the flow? What does anger and frustration really do for you? So even if you are feeling down in the dumps, have just ended a relationship, lost your job and truly believe that Valentine’s Day exists for the sole purpose of making you miserable…SMILE! I guarantee your spirits will be lifted.

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