Three blog posts in one day! Hopefully this is a sign of consistency to come!

I didn’t run yesterday or today and am feeling it! Not physically, actually my heel has been hurting a little so it feels good to give it a little rest, but emotionally and psychologically.

It’s amazing how running has turned into my own private therapy. There is something about the rhythm and consistency of one foot in front of the other, combined with upbeat music that really helps me sort through all of the emotions and obstacles that I face on a daily basis.

I also get most of my inspiration during my runs. As a publicist, I am always thinking of interesting and creative angles to pitch my authors to various media outlets. Not only does the mind-wandering time allow me to come up with some pretty creative pitches but flipping through the news channels also keeps me abreast on all of the hot topics in the media.

So I guess you could say I am a big fan of running.

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