Holiday Party Spectacular with Prescriptives!

I am going to be bringing you some great looks for all of the upcoming holiday celebrations! Even if you are going to spending them at home with loved ones, why not dress up and make the event festive and exciting. You will be amazed how much fun you will have getting all dolled up for your Christmas/Hanukkah/New Years celebrations…no matter how extravagant or low-key they are, take time for yourself, indulge in some beauty and ENJOY!

For our first “Holiday Look” we are going to show some products from Prescriptives. Prescriptives has a fabulous line of skincare and makeup products that we are just ecstatic over! Their Good in Bed cream will have you looking forward to the morning, just so you can see how dewy and beautiful your complexion is!

And after a few weeks of holiday celebrating, you may need that extra boost in the mornings!

If you are at all like me, you look at an image like the one above and panic…knowing that there is NO WAY you can pull off a look that is that professional and flawless. The great thing about Prescriptives products is they are so good that they really do take away the difficulty. The illuminating liquid potion creates an all-over glow that detracts from any imperfections. It actually makes applying the makeup to your face FUN!

Now that you are dealing with a gorgeous palette, I like to work on the eyes. I think a powerful eye can make the strongest statement. If you do NOTHING else, do your eyes!! I suggest using the Relections Eye Color Quad in Cool.

One of the greatest inventions for eye makeup is the gel eyeliner. You get clean, crisp lines that really pop! I used the liquid gel and the effect was so dramatic it made my eyes appear larger and so defined! I even did my mother’s makeup for a holiday party she was attending. She hates wearing makeup and as I was applying the different techniques, kept stressing, “Don’t make me look like a clown!” When we were finished, she was so excited about the effect that she couldn’t wait to see her friends! She loved it and received compliments all night!

As a final step, and one that I think is very key to finishing off the look, is to apply a shimmery blush. Prescriptives has such a great blush for a healthy glow that you can use it with virtually ANY look. The Winter Reflections blush is a limited edition and will give you the greatest look EVER! Because it is filled with multi-hued collection of blushers, it never looks fake or heavy. It gives you the lightest and brightest glow and lasts!

So there are a few tips for a holiday look that can actually take you through any season. Dramatic eyes, a soft glow and luminous skin! You really can’t go wrong. And on a sidenote, check out the Prescriptives Bestseller page. That is always a great place to start if you are just beginning with a new line of products.

Stay tuned for more tips and techniques for creating a glamorous look for any occasion.


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