Mother’s Day


I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! If you are a mother, I hope you were lavished with love and attention. I also hope everyone bestowed love on their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters and friends. I think Mother’s Day is about recognizing the¬†women in your life who have helped you grow, provided you with comfort and given you strength. When women work together instead of against each other, when they encourage and support, amazing things can happen. We are so often caught up in a vicious cycle of envy, jealousy, anger and frustration and we take it out on those closest to us. We compare ourselves and measure each other’s lives, our successes and our failures. We need to learn to adjust our way of viewing the world and the people in our lives. We need to open up our hearts and give and receive more love than we know what to do with. We need to stop comparing and competing and just enjoy the ride.

Tonight I was lucky enough to visit with my mother and two of her closest friends. They live on opposite sides of the country, so getting together is no longer as simple as a car ride. It requires planes and luggage and timing. But tonight the stars aligned and these three phenomenal women were able to sit down together on Mother’s Day and talk and laugh and visit. They were able to look back on their crazy single days, talk about their children and what it feels like to love and lose and love again. It was such a great night and it reminded me how important it is to have strong women in your life. How important friendship is and how often we take it for granted. Mother’s Day is a reminder to me of the women in our lives who help shape us, who help us become who we were always meant to be, who love us unconditionally.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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